Department of Electrotechnics

Department of Electrotechnics

The Department of Electrotechnics was established originally in 1992 under name of Department of Relay Protection and Automation, Since 2014 by the new structure of The Mongolian University of Science and Technology joined to us Department of Electronic Systems.

The faculty of the department consists of 32 Lecturers, 6 Training masters, Professors’ secretary and Laboratory assistant. 14 of the faculty members has Doctor degree. Our department has three bachelor programs and four master programs. Two of four master programs has been proved  by National Higher Education accreditation in 2011 and 2012.

Bachelor programs:

  • Automation of Electricity Production and Distribution System (Since 1989)
  • Electricity and Electronic engineering (since 2000)
  • Medical equipment engineering (since 1996), 2+2 program with Shanhai University, China (since 2012)


Master programs:

  • Automation of Electricity Production and Distribution System
  • Engineer of Industrial Automation
  • Medical Equipments engineering

Electricity and Electronic engineering


Faculty of the Department

  1. B.Bat-Erdene, Dr., Professor, Dean of the Department
  2. T. Uranchimeg,  Dr.-Ing.Habil., Associate Professor
  3. Ch.Natsagdorj,  Dr. Professor
  4. B. Mandakh,  Dr. Professor
  5. B.Lhagvadorj, Dr. Associate professor
  6. S. Lyankhtsetseg, Dr. Associate professor
  7. B.Enkhjargal, Dr. Associate professor
  8. N.Tsevgee, Honor Professor,
  9. J.Arslan, Dr. Associate professor
  10. S. Erdenetuya, Dr. Associate professor
  11. B.Zagdkhorol, Dr. Associate professor
  12. Bya.Bat-Erdene, Dr. Associate professor
  13. D.Purevdash, Dr. Associate professor
  14. Kh.Sarangerel, Dr. Senior Lecturer
  15. A.Amarjargal, Dr. Senior Lecturer
  16. B.Nyambayar, Dr. Senior Lecturer
  17. M.Battulga, Dr. Senior Lecturer
  18. B.Bilguun, Dr. Lecturer
  19. T.Batgerel, Dr. Lecturer
  20. M.Gankhuleg, Dr. Lecturer
  21. P.Tumengerel, MSc, Senior Lecturer
  22. Sh.Baasansuren, MSc, Lecturer
  23. S.Adarsuren, MSc, Lecturer
  24. P.Nansalmaa, MSc, Lecturer
  25. D.Ulziinorov, MSc, Lecturer
  26. B.Batbayar, MSc, Lecturer
  27. O.Mandakh, MSc, Lecturer
  28. L.Taivanbaatar, MSc, Assistant  Lecturer
  29. B.Tuvshinbayar, MSc, Assistant  Lecturer
  30. G.Bayarsaikhan, MSc, Training Master
  31. U.Bayarmaa, MSc, Training Master
  32. E.Erdenebayar, MSc, Training Master
  33. D.Surenjav, MSc, Training Master
  34. E.Battsetseg, MSc, Training Master
  35. M.Tsolmon, MSc, Training Master
  36. Ch.Angarag, MSc, Training Master
  37. G.Tuvshinzaya , MSc, Training Master
  38. Ts.Dulmaa, MSc, Professors’ secretary


Tends of the Research works:

  1. Automation and Control of Electrical Energy Production and Distribution
  2. Microprocessor, Development of Microcontroller System
  3. Measurement- Control System of Electric Equipment
  4. Automation of Industry and Technology
  5. Experiment and invention of Electronic Equipments
  6. Data mining information technology
  7. Neuron network and fuzzy controller application
  8. Image and signal processing
  9. Electronic design
  10. Virtual  Laboratory
  11. Research on medical equipment’s efficient uses


Training and Research Labs

  • Automation of Electrical System
  • Relay Protection of Electrical System
  • Programmable logic controller
  • Industrial Automation
  • Engine Protection and Control
  • Convertor equipments
  • Microprocessor technique
  • Computer graphic and  Computer Added Design
  • Automatic control Theory
  • Information and electrical measurement
  • Electro technique and automation
  • Research Center of automation 
  • Basic Computer laboratory (personal computers, projector used to seminar class, white board, printer, Microsoft operating system complement packages, Page Maker, last versions following packages: Photoshop, Corel Draw, Internet Browser est. )
  • Operating system and programming technology (personal computers, projector, white board, student’s application programming packages such as Assembler, C++, Visual Basic, Delphi, Visual C, Java, Php, My SQL, Apache server, AutoCAD, Matlab).
  • Analog and digital electronic (Oscilloscope, generator, source of supply, multimeter, prototyping, personal computer, integral schemes. Electron prototyping elements)
  • Power electronic (Oscilloscopes per student desks, generators, accumulator, multimeter, measurement devices,)
  • Electronic design (computers with full supplement programming packages at every student desks, VHDL, MATLAB., Workbench, CAD packages)
  • Therapy equipment and devices (apparatus for narcosis, breathing pulse examine apparatus, therapy device, electrical relaxing apparatus)
  • Diagnosis equipment laboratory (Ultra sound’s apparatus, Pressure measurement,  microscope, electrical measurement of  Cardiac)
  • X-ray equipment laboratory (Policy for working X-ray environment and using techniques,  X-ray device’s quality control, diagnosing dental X-ray apparatus )

Foreign teachers and specialists:

  1. Vladimir Georgievich Garike           1986-1990                   Latvian
  2. Esuke Ito                                          1993-1996                   Japanese
  3. Sugiyamo Katsuji                             1994-1997                   Japanese
  4. Morizuka Atsushi                             1995-1998                   Japanese
  5. Yukota Fumio                                   1997-2000                   Japanese
  6. Khediki Nakanishi                            1998-2001                   Japanese
  7. Katsuya Takatani                              2000-2002                   Japanese


Co-operation with foreign affairs

  • Corporation for Science–Production ZAO “Sibekotekhnika” in  Novokuznetsk, Russia
  • Kutetaladze Institute of Thermal Physics at the Siberian branch of Russian Academy 

of Science .

  • Mirenkov Energe Systems Institute of   Siberian branch of Russian Academy  of Science
  • Urals Federal University named B.N.Eltsin
  • Novosibirsk State Technical University, Russia
  • Moscow Power Engineering Institute (Technical University), Moscow Russia
  • South China Electric Power University
  • Poly-technical University of Tomsk, Russia
  • Technical University of Krasnoyarsk, Russia
  • Technical University of Erkhuu, Russia
  • East Siberian Technical University, Russia
  • University of Ulsan, Korea
  • Poly-technical institute of Singapore, Singapore
  • “Electrical machines drives & traction” department of Czech Technical University in Prague,

     Czech Republic

  • Electro Technical Branch of Inner Mongolian Industrial University, China.
  • Miyakonojo National College of Technology, Japan.
  • Khukh khot Electrical Engineering College, China.
  • Technical University of Riga city, Latvia (since 1989)
  • JICA and JOCV, Japan
  • Japanese Nihon University
  • University of Technology Darmstadt, Germany;  Department of  Microelectronic


  • Sendig Co.Ltd – offering machinery condition monitoring and fault diagnosis

     products National University of Taiwan, Faculty of Computer science and

     information technology

  • Chemnitz University, Germany
  • Russian “Mehanotronica” company


Co-operation with domestic affairs

  • The Energy Regulatory Authority, Mongolia
  • National energy Dispatching center
  • Energy authority
  • Central Energy Transmission Network
  • Thermal power plant #4
  • Thermal power plant #3
  • Thermal power plant #2
  • Darkhan thermal power plant
  • Erdenet thermal power plant
  • Ulaanbaatar heat network company
  • Mongolian and Russia joint venture “Erdenet”
  • Baganuur Boiler Plant
  • Nalaikh Boiler Plant
  • Ulaanbaatar electric distribution network company
  • Electric distribution network of Darkhan-Selenge
  • Electric distribution network of Erdenet-Bulgan
  • Electric distribution network of Baganuur
  • Western energy system
  • Eastern energy system
  • Programming Company “USI” Co.Ltd
  • “Medimpex International” Co.Ltd 
  • National Information Park of Mongolia
  • Electricity education training center
  • Energy industries of Provinces
  • Technical collage of Darkhan

Figure 1. Professor's team of the Automation of Electricity Production and Distribution System

(by 2010)

Early history:

Automation of Electricity Production and Distribution System Professor's team

Since 1992, the department started preparing specialists of Automation of Electricity Production and Distribution System. In 1999-2000 academic year, when a team of professors of The Mongolian University of Science and Technology reformed, “Department of Electronic and Automation” was divided into following three teams:

  •  A team of Microcontroller System
  •  A team of Electronic System
  •  A team of Medical Equipments


A team of Microcontroller System has been renamed as “A team of Electrical System Automation” since 2008.


We have been recruiting students by the specialty of Electrical System Automation since 1990. Over  this period, we have prepared 597 engineers with bachelors degree and 107 with masters. All the graduates have been successfully working in various parts of the country and organizations such as Erdenet Mining Corporation and Power Plants, Darkhan metallurgy plant, Electrical Network, MCS group, Nomin Holding, Oyu Tolgoi in south Gobi province, APU, SAPU and Mongolian Railway etc. Majored graduates work as relay protection and automation engineers not only for power stations and electrical network but also work as a industrial automation engineer in the modern microprocessor and computer controlled industries.

Students are specialized in Industrial Automation and Electrical System Automation starting from the third course due to high demand on production and industry automation engineers in recent years.

In recent years, specialists and teachers from JICA, JOCV and Polytechnical Institute of Singapore work in our university and lab has been equipped by these countries’ devices.


Electronic Systems Professor's team

This department history was dated back to 1969 named the “Department of theoretical electrotechnics” with head professor Kh. Sukhbaatar.  At that period department’s stuffs were consisted from lecturer N.Mijiddorj, Ts.Yondonsambuu, G.Tsogbadrakh focused on the following major classes: Theory electricity, industrial electronic, electricity measurement, automatic control , fundamental theory of electricity, electric machine.

According the new major for “Medical equipment utilize” was created on 1996-1997 incident was caused two majors such as “Electrical automation” and “Medical equipment utilize” had been included into this department.  From 1999 to 2000 year Power Engineering School of Mongolian Technical University was making organizational structural change into departments which were included. From this organizational change into Power engineering school that Electronic and Automation department was divided into three different departments which were: “Department of Microcontroller Systems”, “Department of Electronic Systems” and “Department of Medical equipment utilize”. So, from this time Prof. J.Dashdorj (Ph.D) was working as leading professor for Department of  Electronic Systems.

From 2000 to 2001 the major Electricity and Electronic and from 2001 the major Computer technique were opened for prospective students. From 2001 Department of Electronic Systems  was created by cause that Mongolian University of Science and Technology made change over all departments into professor’s stuff. So far, Prof. J. Dashdorj (Ph.D) was working for position leading  professor of  Department of Electronic Systems. Since, 2010 Prof D. Khalzaa is working for this department’s leading professor.

Figure 2. Professor's team of the Electronic Systems  (by 2010)

The lecturer stuff members of this department were working on following industrial and research works and implemented and fulfilled all this research into practical application.

  • Electrical energy norm  per unit of product
  • The discharging Static charge
  • Research for utilizes microcontroller into automation field.
  • Computer Software for Economical Information
  • Determine internal damage of electrical Machine by vibration.
  • Medical Image processing

Nowadays, this department’s research major focused on Fuzzy Control, Neuron network, Data mining, Virtual laboratory,  Electronic design and competition “Robocon”. This activity is very priority step for students knowledge of electronics and programming technology.