MUST’s professor and student’s day

Student’s Association at the Mongolian University of Science and Technology (MUST) is organizing every year the teachers and students snow festival.

Every year several teachers and students of Power Engineering School are actively involved in the activities around this festival. In 2014 about 30 students participated the program.

Freethinking corner for Student’s association

Student’s association “English Week” campaign

Everyone attending the EL210 English III course were supported by the student’s association to develop their language skills and train their free speaking ability.

Students who were awarded

University introduction for high school students

MUST introduced their majors for High School students to increase their awareness for future ambitions. The university promoted herself as a possible start for a later career, by giving example lectures and advices for the high school students.

Giving a lecture about how to choose the right career.

For more information, see the Mongolian version.