Department  of Thermal Energy

  1. Professor’s Team of Heat transfer and Thermodynamics


Our department history was found back to 1963 named the “Thermal Energy Department” under Energy mechanical faculty of the Mongolian State University.  First admission was in 1960 and the first 18 students graduated in January 1966. During 50 years, since first graduation,  We have prepared over than 1000 engineers with bachelors degree and over than 30 with masters. All the graduates have been successfully working in Mongolian energy sector and other all industrial branches and organizations. We celebrated 45th anniversary of Thermal engineering  department in 2008.

After joining of some professor’s teams, since 2007 “Heat-mass transfer and combustion technology” and “Thermodynamics and Heat engine” teams were unified and entitled as “Heat transfer and Thermodynamics” team. Academician of MAS, doctor (D.Sc), professor S.Batmunkh was selected as a head of this professor’s team.

In the last years team members published 25 books and textbooks for the students and more than 110 of articles, and  certified 20 innovation patents,  9 rationalization proposals and inculcated to industry more than 20 research projects, contracted works and presented  more than 110 paper in the international and domestic conferences.


Academician of MAS, D.Sc, professor S.Batmunkh

The lecturer staff members of our department are contacting  on industrial and research works for fields as increasing technical- economical indices of TPP,  to implement environmental friendly technology to energy industry, reconstruction of small and medium capacity boilers, fuel and energy economy in the production, distribution and consumption sphere, utilization renewable energy besides of  training.

Our professor team offers Ph.D. programs in “Thermal power plant (Thermal part)”, “Thermal engineering and district heating”, “Renewable energy conversion equipment and systems”, “Energy system and complex (Thermal part)” specialities.

The team employs an academic staff of 13, including 1 academician of MAS, 5 professors, 2 associate professors, 4 lectures, 1 training engineer and 1 assistant.

Main objective of our teams is to train specialists should gain theoretical knowledge, practical experience for modern technique and technology according to market conditions in our country and even knowledge, ability of specialists lead to level of Developed countries in the world and education production and research works community develop to new stage.

Research institute and centers:

  • Thermal Engineering and Industrial Ecology
  • Research and Experiment Center for Boilers

Academic majors:

  1. D480100 Thermal Power Plant



Our team members

  1. Mongolian State  Honored teacher, Academician MAS,  Professor, 
  2. Professor, Ph.D  J.Tseyen-Oidov – Scientific secretary of  Power Engineering School
  3. Professor, Ph.D  D.Mandal- Senior teacher
  4. Professor, Ph.D  Ch.Dashpuntsag - Senior teacher
  5. Associate professor  Ts.Tsendjav – Senior teacher
  6. Professor, Ph.D Ch.Davaasambuu - Senior teacher
  7. Associate professor, Ph.D Ts.Shagdarsuren - Associate  professor
  8. Ph.D  L.Jargalkhuu - Senior teacher
  9. М.Sc  А.Tumenbayar -  Lecturer
  10. М.Sc  B.Battur -  Lecturer
  11. М.Sc  D.Davaatseren -  Lecturer
  12. М.Sc  D.Chimedsuren -  Lecturer
  13. М.Sc  G.Boldbaatar – lab. engineer
  14. М.Sc  B.Odonkhishig – Assistant

Majors for researching works

  • Increasing of reliable operation level and technical economical indices of TPP
  • Research for composition, quality and combustion technology of coals
  • Research for Introduction of new combustion technology and construction

steam and hot water boilers

  • Testing and arrangement of main and auxiliary equipments of generation plants
  • Gasification of coals
  • To introduce new technology for energy conservation
  • Utilization the renewal energy
  • To determine for thermal and physical properties of new materials  and products from national

raw materials

  • Research for utilization of Water-coal suspension
  • Ecological research of generation plants
  • Research for energy economy in the heating and production technology and increasing 

efficiency of thermal equipments of industry


  • Laboratory of  Engineering Thermodynamics- B319
  • Laboratory of  Heat transfer                            -T402
  • Laboratory of  Fuel and water                         -B417
  • Thermal power plant training                          - B313



Laboratory of  Heat transfer                     Laboratory of  Engineering thermodynamics    


                                         Laboratory of  Fuel and water


                                       Thermal power plant training room


B. Professor’s Team of the Heat Supply and Automation

Offering Power Engineering course at the Mongolian National University starting from 1960 is considered as a foundation stone of establishing an academic program of mechanical engineers in Mongolia. The course was developed in response to the intensive growth of the domestic industrial sector and increasing number of cities and villages in Mongolia

The department of Heat and Power Engineering was established in 1964. Later in 1991, the Department was divided into two faculties: (1) Thermal Power Plant and (2) Heat Supply and Automation.

The Professor‘s Team of the Department of Heat Supply and Automation offers Bachelor’s, Master‘s and Doctoral degrees. More than half of the lecturers have advanced academic degrees and titles.

Programs of Study:

  • Industrial Heat Supply (Heat Supply of Cities and Factories)
  • Cooling Equipment of Industry (Cooling technology and air condition system)
  • Thermal process automation

Professor’s Team Members:

  1. Professor, Ph.D B.Namkhainyam - Leading Professor
  2. Professor, Ph.D Kh.Enkhjargal - Director of the School of Power Engineering
  3. Professor, Ph.D Ch.Mangaljalav – Professor
  4. PhD., Associate Professor Ts.Erdenetsetseg – Associate Professor
  5. Associate Professor, Ts. Jambalsambuu – Senior teacher
  6. Associate Professor D.Tuvshinbaatar - Senior teacher
  7. MSc. D.Davaadorj - Senior teacher
  8. MSc. L.Chuluungerel - Senior teacher
  9. MSc. O.Purevjal - Senior teacher
  10.  MSc. D.Tserendolgor - Senior teacher
  11.  MSc.N.Oyuntsetseg - Senior teacher
  12. MSc.M.Oyun-Erdene – lecturer
  13. MSc.P.Byambatsogt – Lecturer
  14. MSc.D.Ulemj – Lecturer
  15. MSc.Kh.Tsolmon – Lecturer
  16. MSc.U.Bilguun - Researcher,
  17. MSc.U.Munkhbaatar - Researcher,
  18. Ya.Tuya, BSc, Assistant Staff

Our graduates have been working successfully in various fields of energy, food and light industries, construction, public and private sectors, and scientific and research.

The faculty team conducted over 30 research works with the State request and contracts of factories and enterprises and achieved tangible results from introduction of the research results. This includes:

  • Introducing advanced scheme and automation into district Heating systems of Ulaanbaatar city;
  • Determination of specific rate of heating energy per unit product for 15 food and light industry plants;
  • Development of optional regime for system operation of steam supply of Ulaanbaatar city;
  • Research on efficient and optimal utilization of fuel and heat energy;
  • Technical solution for utilization of solar energy in heat supply;
  • Impact assessment of Energy Sector to the Climate change;
  • Research on heat loss and its utilization of private houses;
  • Technical innovation of heat supply of Erdenet Mining Concentration Company;
  • Heat supply of Bayangol district of Ulaanbaatar city;
  • Technical-economical baseline for selecting new heating source for Ulaanbaatar city.

The academic team members published 15 books and textbooks for the students of the Power Engineering Schools.

Main academic and research areas:

  • Improving efficiency of heat supply systems in urban areas and villages;
  • Developing optimal hydraulic regime for heat supply systems;
  • Designing cooling equipment operating with solar energy;
  • Testing and introduction of new technique and  technologies into heat utilization systems;
  • Advancing control and management structure of heat supply systems;
  • Reducing the Greenhouse Gas Emission.

Research Centers run by the Team:

  • Research Center for Advanced Technique and Technologies of Heat Utilization;
  • Production and Training Center for Cooling Technology;
  • Center for Advanced Technology of Heat Distribution.


  • Heat supply of enterprises
  • Cooling technology and air condition
  • Hydrodynamics
  • Heat measurements
  • Theory of Automatic control


  The Laboratory of enterprise’s Heat supply                   The Laboratory of Cooling technology                      

                                                                                               and air condition system


     The Laboratory of Hydrodynamics                                   The Laboratory of Heat measurements

The Laboratory of Theory of Automatic control 


C. Industrial Ecology and Renewable Energy Professor Team

It was necessary to provide the specialists and professionals who can be able to work for decreasing the opposite effects of Industrial process to the environment to create the environmentally  friendly technology, to develop ecological balance and control in current situation which is the period of high technological Development.

According to this social requirement, In 1997 Industrial Ecology and Renewable Energy Professor Team started its activities and it was the first time to get enrollment in the major of Industrial Ecology at the Power engineering school.

In the century of stable development most of the countries has been implementing the policy to increase the amount of the source of RE. (In the Fuel Energy Balance).

Thus, it was necessary to provide the specialists to work in these fields and it was the first Enrolment for renewable Energy Course.

In last few years, IEREPT provided 175 specialists for bachelor’s degree, 18 for master’s degree, 1 for doctor’s degree in the major of Industrial Ecology, but it also, provided. 80 for bachelors, 15 for master are in the major of Renewable Energy.

Professor’s Team Members:

  1. Kh.Enkhjargal, Professor, PhD., Director of the School of Power Engineering
  2. Ts.Bat-Ulzii,
  3. D.Khishigsaihan,
  4. Z.battogtoh,
  5. S.Orgilbold
  6. O.Batjargal
  7. P.Enkhdavaa
  8. Yo.Enkh-Amgalan,
  9. T.Oyunjargal, Assistant

Within the last 5 years, Professor Team, was involved in 4 projects of Scientific Research and worked out “Master Plan for decreasing Air Pollution in UB”.

In addition to involved in the process of working out the projects of Laws like “Tax for using the Air and Polluting”, and also involved in voting the project of Environmental, Protection Law”, decreasing the rubbish, and creating the ways of recycling.

 And also, The Professor team has participated in the process of making “Documentary Movie” according to the prescription of “Ministry of Environment”.

Ph. D. Professor. Ts.Batulzii gets a patent for his scientific invention “Interior Mechanism and Calcium of Desertification”. It was the 8Th big inventions in this field in Mongolia.

These are main research interests we are working on. Research interests:

  • A source of Renewable Energy and It’s resource
  • Technical Technology, Equipment of sun, watering, and the moon in order to be used as energy of renewable source.
  • To create the system of heating and watering (by the) which can work by the help of solar penal.
  • Environmental Ecology and Monitoring Research.
  • Ecological Evaluation of the big cities and Problems for resolving.
  • Local heating, Protection of  water, Technical and Solution of Cleansing Construction
  • Department-2-633
  • Lab of Industrial Ecology-2-624
  • Research Lab, of Industrial Ecology
  • Laboratory of Desertification analysis
  • Renewable Energy Lab-2-319
  • Central Lab of Experiment for of Renewable Energy
  • Training field Renewable Energy and Industrial Ecology

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