Culture and Sports

Culture and Sports

Mongolian University Science and Technology (MUST), XIV Festival of Art /April, 05-08, 2014/



At the students "XIV talent festival," MUST students can show their talents to be discovered and supported during their studies. Talented students receive professional advice and get recommendations for other national festivals to represent their university.


Participation requirement

All bachelor students of MUST are allowed to join.

Where and when ?

The Conference hall of MUST at April 5th and 6th 2014

Gala at the State Drama Theater at April 8th 2014.


- Vocal solo / folk and art songs. One person /

- Solo dance / folk and ethnic dance. One person /

- Solo Music / unplugged performance or phonograms is available /

- Recital / phonograms is available One person /

- Band music / sound choices freely /

- Dance / Latin American dance, 5 pairs /

- Free style dance / 6-8 members /

- dramatic performance

- Talent show

- Organizational (fans, dressing, use of time, and performing culture)

Winners in 2014

The team with head of student’s association E.Munkhsuld successfully participated in the XIV Talent Festival of MUST. Our team took the second place.

2014 Spring Football Game of PES (April, 26-27, 2014)

2014 Spring Football game of MUST

2014 tetrathlon mach (basketball, volleyball, table tennis, chess) for PES freshman seminar

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