Research Laboratories

About main laboratories 

            This department has 8 main laboratory classes and rooms and most of laboratory devices and instruments are renewed since the year of 1970 and every laboratory got installed new devices and equipment.

Main objectives of laboratories:

  • To carry out practice works for subjects electrical supply, high voltage and other professional specializing subjects;
  • To carry out diploma and course project practice, test and calculation works;
  • To teach the scientific analysis and research work methodologies to bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral students;
  • To work out the technology and implement projects by carrying out of scientific analysis and research works;
  • To carry out further professional education and retraining. 

If we look the subject laboratories separately we can see that:

       1. High voltage laboratory (2-14)

The high voltage test and adjustment subject laboratory and practice lessons will be carried out in this laboratory. At all up to 10 laboratory lessons can be carried out in here and 2 new dielectric loss testing equipment APGSmeasure instruments produced in the People’s Republic of China and liquid dielectric loss angle measuring instruments are installed in this laboratory. 2 professional and qualification subjects will be carried out in this laboratory and the students are trained for skills of carrying out of measurements, tests, calculations and adjustments.

         2. Electric motor automatic control laboratory (2-18)

The electric motor automatic control subject laboratory and practice lessons will be carried out in this laboratory and at all up to 12 laboratory lessons can be carried out in here. This laboratory was rebuilt in the year of 2004 within the scope of the government aid of the Czech Republic. It is equipped with the motor automatic control equipment and devices produces in the Czech Republic and Germany, the microprocessor of the company Motorola, the software programs from Czech Republic and the United States of America, frequency modulated asynchronous motor and servo conveyer internal network, fiber glass cables and automatically controlled with 16 computers at the same time. In consists of 5 main parts such as the central control station, the distant input and output station, the technological part and the engineering station. 2 main lecturers are giving lessons and work with students.

The training materials (trainers) are used in the modern electric conveyer master degree subject to improve the students’ knowledge and skills. These are:

            The slider contact motor;

            Linear motor;

            Stepper motor;

            Direct current motor; 

            Asynchronous motor; 

            Power coefficient automatic adjuster 

            Brushless direct current motor.

M.TD729 Engineering Design II (Workplaces of the laboratory)


MATLAB modeling textbook(188 pages)


MATLAB- simulink laboratory (18 computers with installation of MATLAB R2013aversion)

            3. Power Plant and Substation laboratory (2-21)

This laboratory is used for obtaining the skills through the course I.EE341 “The equipment of electrical energy transmission and distribution”. The required manuals for these stands were developed and renewed. Such as:

  • High and low voltage flame fuse work relevance, measurement and experiment
  • High and low voltage measurement transformers and their transforming coefficient and defining measurement mistakes
  • Learning the modes of 6,10,35 kilowatt electrical transmission neutral points
  • The grounding construction of electrical equipment and soil resistance measurement and calculation
  • High voltage cut off, connection, types of facilities, their contact resistance measurement and diagnostics


            4. Electric drive and electric machine laboratories (2-210)

The following subjects’ laboratory and practice lessons are carried out in this laboratory and it is possible to carry out at all 21 works:

  • Electrical machine I
  • Electrical machine II
  • Electrical machines and micro machines
  • Electrical drive
  • Electrical supply of industrial enterprises
  • Power electronics, converting technique

This laboratory was built since the year of 2007 within the scope of the government aid of the Czech Republic and equipped with different types of electric machines produced in the Czech Republic and Germany, their control converters, control equipment and devices, the software programs of Germany, frequency modulator asynchronous motors, 5 servo brakes of 2 types working under load, 5 pieces of Uni-Train, the digital and analogue measurement instruments with USB interface. The laboratory works will be carried out using these devices and equipment. 5 main lecturers are giving lessons and work with students.

               5. The laboratory of Engineer’s design (2-210, 2-514, 2-312)

This laboratory has 3 parts of complex sets for the bachelor’s degree students who are majoring in electrical power supply.Such as:

a. The part of electrical power supply

b. The part of high voltage technique

c. The part of electric machine and automatic control

The students obtain the following knowledge and skills through this course. Such as:

1. To design the switchboard scheme and its surface design on the computer 

2. To have the set of all equpment required to the electric scheme and  drawing of design

3. To assembe the equipment, measurement, signal and relay protection devices in the training set

4. To connect the assembled equipment and measurement

                6. Electrical engineering theoretical laboratory (2-414)

The following subjects’ 20 laboratory works and students’ self-study lessons are carried out in the electrical engineering theoretical laboratory in accordance with education standards:

  • Electrical engineering theory I, II and III;
  • Electronic engineering theory I and II. 

The measurements, studies and calculations of the direct and alternating current, one phase and three phase star and triangle connections and transfer process works are carried out in the laboratory. This laboratory was renewed and rebuilt in the year of 2006. 4 set of stands of the make KHOG-1 produced in China are used in this laboratory for training and practice.

        7. The laboratory of electric material (2-514)

The electrical engineering material subject’s laboratory and practice lessons will be carried out in this laboratory and at all up to 4 laboratory lessons can be carried out in here. 1 specialization lesson is taught to students in this lesson teaching them the skills for carrying out of professional measurements, tests, calculations and adjustments. The laboratory lesson are carried out under guidance of 3-4 lecturers and at average 60-120 students are trained in one semester by groups of every one of 25-16 students.

            8. Dynamic modeling laboratory of electric systems (2-515)

The advantage:

Studying and analyzing processes of power flow and stability of electric power systems, conducting experimental research on urgent electrical systems, conducting specialized training on electrical engineering and consulting engineering

Experimental study:

Study of power flow of central region and western region energy system,

Static and dynamic stability studies,

Power flow analysis of electric distribution systems,

Research on energy losses,

Relay protection study on power electric system

Tools and equipment:

Electric machine module, overhead line module, circuit breaker module, three phase network module, input-output module, powermeter module, speedometer module, resistive load module, inductive load module, capacitive load module, one phase transformer module, synchronization module and software.