Introduction to the Department

Introduction to the Department

The main goal of the School of Power Energy is to improve the training techniques and technologies of training engineers and researchers with bachelor's, master's, and doctorate degrees that meet the common level requirements for preparing experts in countries around the world, to develop ties with universities in developed countries, to exchange modern information, It is to improve the teaching method, content and form with their experience.

In 1960, in the field of electrical engineering, in the field of electrical systems, in 1969 in the field of power supply, in 1998 in the field of energy management, and in 2012, in the joint 2+2 program with the People's Republic of China.

Electrical system specialty received domestic accreditation in 2010 and Power Supply specialty in 2014. In 2014, the power supply profession received the accreditation of the European Union's Higher Technical Education ASIIN, which became the first internationally recognized profession in the field of engineering and technology.

The professors and teachers of our department provide their students with academic and research work methods through their research centers and training materials, prepare engineers who can contribute to the development of their country, and work hard to develop "research-service" based on knowledge and innovation. The department provides training through 1 research center and 3 professional programs.

Bachelor and master programs:

Electrical system

     Working as an electrical engineer in power plants, power grid offices, national dispatch centers, research and design organizations, can ensure the reliable operation of the system, carry out maintenance, testing and adjustment, and can solve the electrical problems of the enterprise at an appropriate level. We will also work on improving the technical and economic performance of the electric system, optimization of the electric system, development of technological innovation policies, and foreign and domestic projects.

Electrical power supply

This internationally accredited program will perform tasks related to the operation, testing and adjustment, introduction of new technologies, and automation of production technology processes related to the provision of quality energy to various electric consumers and equipment for industrial, urban, residential, and social purposes. It is possible to work in any field of electricity production and consumption. Graduate with a diploma recognized in all countries of the European Union.

Energy management specialty

      The specialist will study the fundamentals of power plant structure, management, economy, finance, technique, and technology, and prepare them theoretically at the level of international standards. Graduates of this specialty can work as managers, economists, and industrial economists during the privatization and commercialization of the energy sector.