The opening ceremony of “Virtual laboratory for power system” and “Engineering Design” training laboratory was held on 28 October, 2015.


Ts. Buyantsogtoo, Board Chairman of MUST, Kh. Enkhjargal, Vice President of Academic Affair, Ch.Mangaljalav, Director of Power Engineering School, and Ch. Gulnar, Library director attended the ceremonial opening of the laboratories and cut the ribbon.


"Engineering Design" course was newly approved to the bachelor and master degree programs of profession "Electricity Power supply", according to ASIIN requirements.

“Virtual laboratory for power system” will be supervised by prof. Sh. Gantumur, Ph.D, Head of Electrical Engineering Department and A. Erdene, Ts. Erdenetuya, and Ch. Renchindorj, lecturers of Electrical Engineering Department, will teach Engineering Design course.




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